We help brands flourish*

*We do other things too. Just ask us nicely.


Want to grow your brand with a killer marketing strategy?
Well thank your lucky stars, you’ve found us.

At Redstar Media there’s nothing we love more than the challenge of creating and managing brands. Sure, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but we absolutely love it. It’s the kind of stuff we crave; it’s even more stimulating than watching funny YouTube videos. Seriously*.

Got some work for us? Let us at it!

*Users are advised our services are likely to cause severe marketing success.

With over 20 years of experience in the business, plus a full suite of marketing solutions, there’s pretty much nothing we can’t do*.


If you want to get noticed with a stellar marketing plan, our strategic services are just the thing you need. We offer:

  • Creative strategy/writing/directing
  • Strategic planning
  • Market research


At Redstar Media, we treat your brand like a small, precious child. We’re passionate about nurturing your brand and building what we like to call Brand Fans, or groupies, who swoon over your brand.

  • Brand creation
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand management


Whether you like to kick it old school or you’re up with new technology, our media buyers offer a range of services for all kinds of platforms including:

  • Press
  • TV/radio
  • Outdoor/ambient
  • Digital


Our secret to staying up to date with the latest digital trends is simple: we spend our nights trolling YouTube. By doing this, we can offer:

  • Digital strategy
  • Website production
  • Social media
  • SEO management


So your brand has been established and you’ve got a strategy in place. Sweet. But now you need someone to watch over it and nurture it. That’s where our buddy Shane comes in. A few things you need to know:

  • He’s spent over 20 years in the biz
  • He’s managed the marketing for bucket loads of commercial accounts
  • He’s always happy to have a chat
  • He absolutely loves dressing up like a rock star!


We all love pretty pictures. And the right ones can do wonders for your brand. While we don’t like to brag (much) we know a few people here who are pretty awesome at making them. We have experts in:

  • Print
  • Online
  • Marketing collateral
  • Corporate livery


Who doesn’t love a good ol’ shindig? At Redstar Media we offer a range of services to help your next event run smoothly, no matter how big or small it may be. We can help with:

  • Product launches
  • Sales conferences
  • Street activations
  • Anything you desire!

*Just don’t ask us to look after your plants. Our track record isn’t too flash.

At Redstar Media, our philosophy is simple. We love brands and we want to help yours flourish. The best part is we’ve got the mad skills to do just that right here in our Adelaide-based agency.

What sets us apart from the rest is our unbridled passion and energy for the job. We won’t rest until your brand is exactly where it needs to be. We’ll work together with you to help manage your marketing plan from start to finish. Trust us, we’re very good listeners. If you’re not happy with the results, neither are we.

What’s our secret? Our offices are filled with motivational cat posters. We wear our favourite kicks to work on Fridays, and we also keep a stash of Cadbury Favourites on hand at all times. We’ll give you one if we like you enough.

So whether it’s strategic planning, website production, event management, or anything in between, we’ll give you that edge to help reach and grow your audience*.

Keen to see what we can do for you? Just want a chocolate? Let’s chat.

*Redstar Media claims all responsibility for the amazing results you will receive upon working with us.

Want to chat?

If you’d like to take us up on our offer of free chocolate, or to find out more about what we can offer you, just fill out your deets below and we’ll be in touch quicker than a toupee flies off in a hurricane*.

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